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Let us help your organization raise money

Faye's Frozen Pizza is the better choice for your organization over Make Your Own Pizza Fundraisers

Our Frozen Pizza Fundraiser is the perfect choice for your school, sports team or league, church group or special interest group.  Our fundraisers are more sanitary, take less time and take less manpower.  We make the whole process nice and easy on your organization.  Why not give us a try?

Faye's fundraiser is perfect for you:

8 pizza varieties to choose from:

• Faye's Frozen Pizzas are a quality product, using fresh    

  ingredients, and contain NO preservatives and NO trans-fats

• Faye's Frozen Pizza fundraisers are competitively priced,

 allowing  you to set your profit margin

• Faye's Frozen Pizzas are locally made, supporting local suppliers

 and our community

• Creating your own order form allows you to choose which  

  products  to sell

• 2 week turn-around from order to delivery

• Delivery to your site

• Packaged in boxes of 15 for easier sorting and distributing

• Gift Certificates also available to sell

• Popular, Well-Known Product makes selling easy

• Cheese

• Sausage

• Pepperoni

• Sausage & Mushroom

• Pepperoni & Mushroom

• Sausage & Pepperoni

• Deluxe

• Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Faye's Pizza is a certified meat processing establishment from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection

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Fundraiser Sausage

We make frozen pizzas for various fundraising events.


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